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Bearcat 55

Bearcat properties are crucial to sophisticated boaters but they can be appreciated by anyone.

The Bearcat 55
No waste. Although the full power economy is valuable, flexibility to run economically at all power settings is invaluable and can be had only with a 4-cycle engine.

Full Power or Slow Troll -- Indefinitely. Bearcat engines are in use by professional ski schools where the smart performance and two-for-one economy answer a simple dollar and sense equation. Commercial crab fisherman spend 1/3 more for Bearcats and pay for the whole purchase in fuel savings, often within a year. With engine idling at least half the time on a long day's work, the crabber appreciates sparkplug life of 6 months instead of as little as a single week.

All Bearcats that go through our shop at Economy 4 Cycle Marine are updated with Electric Ignition, Electric Fuel Pumps, Stronger Charging Systems, and with H. D. Water Pumps.

All this and Safety too. Bearcats share with all outboards a record of nearly total freedom from a hazard which must be recognized in all boats with gasoline powered inboard engines either conventional or stern drive. This is the hazard consequent of gasoline fumes or drips accumulating inside the boat. If a outboard drips, it drips overboard, harmlessly.

Genesis of the Bearcat 55

Adaptation of a small high performance auto engine to outboard use was begun by Lou Fageol and taken forward by the Homelite Division of Textron, Inc., who marketed a largely successful unit from 1962 to 1966. In that year the Fisher-Pierce Co. acquired the engine and undertook to perfect it and integrate its sale and service into the specialized distribution organization developed in selling the company's famous Boston Whaler boats.

The outstanding performance and utility of the former Homelite and present Bearcat are identical. But the Bearcat is incomparably more durable and trouble free. This results from many small improvements and a couple of large ones.

High Performance Valve Gear. With its overhead camshaft and one piece cylinder block and head, the engine was always comfortably capable of high speed and power. Fisher-Pierce has given it the hardened valve seats and Stellite exhaust valves which relieve owners of the need for frequent tune-ups and extend life before overhaul for hundreds, even thousands of hours.

It is routine for this strongest of engines to survibe 250 hours of test at continuous full power, a thing few if any automotive engines can do.

Sophisticated-By-pass Cooling System. "Before Bearcat," Homelite engines suffered from one of their own principal virtues! Having clean, oil-free exhaust they tended to expose important parts of the lower unit to hot corrosive fumes during the periods when the engine thermostat restricted the flow of cooling water. (The dirty oil-soot of 2-stroke exhaust reduces this problem.)

In the Bearcat, cooling water not passing through the engine is by-passed directly to the exhaust system which is thus never left without a protective flood of cooling. Besides this, the cylinder block now remains full of water after shut-down, excluding air and effectively preventing rust accumulation. Directed internal water jets have been added to precisely cool the four cylinder heads, which feature alone added almost as much to durability as the high performance valves.

In common, sport and commercial fishermen, rental fleet operators, houseboat owners, all share circumstances in which going first class with Bearcat gives better livelihood, sport or enjoyment. The fleet operator keeps his investment producing, protected against accidental service interruption by easy engine swapping. With 4-cycle features, he builds client goodwill!

The sport fishterman can venture on big water in a trailerable boat he can store in his garage. He can forget his power plant and need not stay in sight of the gas docks. He can move with the fish.

The commercial fisherman saves hundreds of dollars a year in fuel bills, not to mention less frequent downtime for repairs.

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